Marianne Feenstra has been teaching music since graduating from the University of Stellenbosch more years ago than she cares to remember. She focuses on learner-centred approaches and writes in a direct style without compromising on standard or quality. She has several publications to her credit, and enjoys working as part of a team.

Amanda Moeller is an artist and teacher of many years' standing. She enjoys working in a team, and happily shares all her resources whenever she can. She is known for her supportive attitude, and prefers to remain mostly in the background, diverting attention to the job at hand and away from herself.

Hugely talented Jennifer Morgan's work was the inspiration behind the Grade 12 Visual Arts series. Jennifer has taught both abroad and in South Africa, and her patient instruction and guidance of her many talented students has received much recognition. Jennifer is also a professional artist who works in oils and watercolours. She also sculptures.

Brenda Meiring has been teaching music and music theory for the past 20 years, at private and public schools, music centres, and privately.

She particularly enjoys working with younger learners - and it shows! Her theory books are in huge demand, and she will be adding to the range on an annual basis.




Vusabantu Ngema is an authority on Indigenous African dance and dance-songs.

He has taught at all the major dance schools in South Africa and is known for his innovative choregraphy.