Music Grade 12 / Musiek Graad 12


This set of books is available in English and in Afrikaans.


The textbook, which is fully CAPS compliant, presents all 3 streams required: Western Art Music, Jazz and Indigenous African Music. Each section has been written by experienced teachers and researchers and much of the material for IAM has been newly researched and presents material that is available only in this textbook.


The Grade 12 Textbook is designed to follow on the work done in Grade 11, and reference is regularly made to content as well as suggested methods taught in the earlier grade. The Workbook and Textbook are fully integrated, and cannot function as separate items.


In Grade 12 the content of Topic 2 is at times common to all three streams, and at times it is differentiated. This content is presented as a series of lessons to be presented in the allocated time of 1 hour per week throughout the year. The Learner's Workbook contains many  exercises that are integrated with this content. As in the Grade 10 and Grade 11 Workbooks containng regular testing points ensure that the knowledge gained is reinforced, and the grading rubrics provided give learners direct feedback regarding their progress.


Topic 3 is divided so that each stream is presented in its own section in Terms 1 and 2. The content includes analyses of the prescribed works as well as basic information about the relevant composers and musicians. In Term 3 the content is common to all three streams. Essential information regarding the South African music industry is presented, as well as some practical information regarding career options. Career options are also discussed on various occasions during the year, and learners are encouraged to explore opportunities that do not necessarily require a high standard of performance to ensure a highly successful career. The topic has been designed to be taught in the allocated time of 1 hour per week.


A resource DVD ensures that learners all have access to essential audio material. Our dedicated page MUSIC GRADE 12: FOR LEARNERS provides additional support as well as links to audio and visual material that is required but which is under copyright and cannot be duplicated.


The Teacher's Guide provides practical guidelines for managing the learning process. Assessment sheets, including for the setting and marking of essays and for practical performance and improvisation, are provided. A Resource CD offers the memoranda for selected activities in the Workbook. These enable the teacher, where required, to print copies of the memoranda to give to the learners for reference purposes. Our dedicated page: MUSIC GRADE 12: FOR TEACHERS provides additional material to be explored. 



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