Music Grade 10 / Musiek Graad 10


This textbook, which is fully CAPS compliant, presents all 3 streams - Western Art Music, Jazz and Indigenous African Music - in graded lessons for each term. It is accompanied by an integrated Workbook in which activities that assist the learning process are set for each stage of knowledge acquisition. The textbook includes a variety of beautiful illustrations and images.


Regular testing points ensure that the knowledge gained is reinforced, and the grading rubrics provided give learners direct feedback regarding their progress.


The text has been written to accommodate different stages of development in the class, from outright beginners through to learners who already have some knowledge of music theory. By the end of Grade 10 all learners will have achieved the requirements for Grade 10: Music.


A resource DVD, accessible on a computer, ensures that learners have access to the essential audio material. Our dedicated page MUSIC GRADE 10: FOR LEARNERS provides additional support.


The Workbook and Textbook are fully integrated, and cannot function as separate items.


The Teacher's guide provides practical guidelines for managing the learning process. Assessment sheets, including for the setting and marking of essays and for practical performance and improvisation, are provided. A Resource CD that offers a variety of material is an added feature. Our dedicated page: MUSIC GRADE 10: FOR TEACHERS provides additional support. 






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