Indigenous Music in South Africa:

An Introduction

Vusabantu Ngema

with specialist contributions

Indigenous African Music cover pages_Pag

This textbook is aimed at undergraduate students with an interest in South African music.

The 13 chapters cover a variety of topics, ranging from the positioning of South Africa and its music within the context of the African continent to specialist areas of research such as the Nederlanslied found only within the Cape Malay environment to crossover styles such as malombo jazz.

There are also detailed discussions of the dance-performance styles of the various ethnic groups within South Africa's borders, and references to their relationship to the countries bordering South Africa, for example Botswana, Eswatini (Swaziland) and Lesotho.

A comprehensive DVD includes essential viewing material as well as selected articles regarded as essential reading by the author.

Suggestions for research topics and areas are provided throughout the text. This aspect makes it particularly valuable for the lecturer wishing to encourage students to undertake original research and its documentation



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