About Feenstra Books


Feenstra Books was established by Marianne Feenstra in 2013 as a vehicle for publishing books focusing mainly on music and aimed at a specialist market.


All our current books have more than one author and thus represent a wide range of expertise and knowledge of the relevant subject matter.


The books currently in print include

  • A textbook on musical form and analysis. Click here for more details.

  • An advanced textbook covering aspects of harmony and counterpoint suitable for undergraduate students. Click here for more details.

  • A set of books that cover the Music curriculum, Grades 10-12, including Western art music, Jazz and Indigenous African music, for South African schools. Click here, here and here for more details.

  • An advanced textbook concerning Indigenous Music in South Africa. Click here for more details.



If you have a publication that you believe fits in with our profile we encourage you to submit it to us for consideration. We offer excellent terms to our authors and actively support ventures for which there is a limited market.

All our FET music books are available as print copies and also as eBooks.

To order a print copy click here.

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