Enjoy these additional resources!


  1. A full list of Mozart's works may be found by clicking here. Scores may be downloaded and printed free of charge for educational purposes only.

  2. The recording of Mozart's Symphony no. 41 (click here) is on period instruments, and one gets clear views of the wooden flutes and oboes, the older horns, the way in which the bows were held to play the cellos and double basses, and the smaller mallets for the drums. Apart from being a lovely work to listen to, the video is really informative to watch.

  3. For more information about Beethoven's symphonies, click here. This page contains the basic information about all 9 symphonies, including nicknames, the scoring, tempo indications of all the movements and a ‘click’ link to a recording.

  4. The article that you can access by clicking here contains a wealth of additional information about Mozart's opera. The Magic Flute.