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Aural development

Aural development is one of the most important aspects of the CAPS - you will already know that it is included in Topic 1 and also in Topic 2.

One of the finest set of books on the market is the M3 Music Literacy Series written by Marie McLachlan.

The first book, Music Literacy I, ISBN 0-620-27036-5, provides many exercises in sight-singing, key identification and clapping of rhythms. In our view a "must have" for every school!

Order the books directly from

Ms Marie McLachlan

P O Box 73831

0043 Lynnwood Ridge



Why a personal management plan for learners is a powerful

educational tool...


Our work books for Music: Grades 10 -12 all contain a personal planner for each learner to complete

at the start and end of each term.


To see how important a tool such as this one can be in eradicating inequalities in the classroom,

read the article that you can find by clicking here.



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