Term 2

  1. Listen to Halala Afrika by Johannes Kerkorrel by clicking here.

  2. Listen to My broken heart by Bernoldus Niemand by clicking here.

  3. Listen to Garikayi Tirikoti playing mbira using gandanga tuning by clicking here.

  4. Listen to 'Jai ho' from Slumdog millionaire by clicking here.

  5. Listen to Ravi Shankar and his daughter Anoushka in a live recital on sitars by clicking here.

  6. Learn how to play the tambura by clicking here.

  7. Listen to J S Bach's Two-part invention no. 4 BWV 775 while following the score by clicking here.

  8. Watch the video of the TV show that turned Elvis Presley into an international pop star by clicking here.

  9. Watch a film about The Beatles by clicking here.

  10. Listen to Claude Debussy playing Golliwog's Cakewalk by clicking here.

  11. Watch a documentary about the growth of jazz presented by Wynton Marsalis and Seiji Ozawa by clicking here.

  12. Watch a number of iconic jazz players by clicking here.

  13. Listen to Keith Jarrett talk about the art of improvisation by clicking here.

  14. Watch a San healing dance by clicking here.

  15. Watch a river healing ceremony in Zambia by clicking here.

  16. Watch a documentary about African traditional religions by clicking here.


Term 3

1.  Listen to 3 Ascension Day cantatas by J. S. Bach by clicking here.

2.  Listen to Zelenka's Missa Votiva ZWV 18 by clicking here.

3.  Listen to Vivaldi's La Primavera by clicking here.

4.  Listen to J S Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Book I while you follow the score by clicking here.

5.  Listen to the field holler Oh Mary don't you weep by clicking here.

6.  Listen to Big Charlie Butlier sing Diamond Joe by clicking here.

7.  Listen to The McIntosh County Shouters sing Wade the water to my knees by clicking here.

8.  Watch an excerpt from a movie about the life and times of Scott Joplin by clicking here.

9.  Listen to Oscar Peterson explain the stride piano style by clicking here and then learn to play the stride piano style by                      clicking here.

10. Listen to the recording of West End Blues by Louis Armstrong while following the analysis/listening guide by clicking here.

11. Watch Fats Waller perform Ain't misbehavin' from the movie Stormy weather by clicking here.

12. Listen to the Bulawayo Sweet Rhythms Band play Skokiaan (1954) recording) by clicking here.

13. Listen to Pesheya' kwezo ntaba performed by the Manhattan Brothers and The Merry Blackbirds in their recording of 1948 by          clicking here.

14. Listen to Ladysmith Black Mambazo sing Thula mntwana by clicking here.

15. Watch a performance of the mohebolo dance by clicking here.

16. Watch a performance of mokhibo dance by clicking here

17. Listen to a performance of Shosholoza as heard in the movie Invictus by clicking here

18. Watch part of a traditional healing ceremony performed by a Khoisan healer in Botswana by clicking here.